What is Redeem Rewards?

Redeem is the world’s first (big statement I know) loyalty reward app that connects customers with eCommerce stores and physical businesses, allows businesses of all types and sizes to supercharge their Local Area Marketing by being part of a localised geotargeted online community.


Redeem allows small businesses, e-commerce sites, retail stores, shopping centres, local traders and services to be part of our online community. Offering loyalty and coupon offers to the potential local customers all on a convenient app that is geo-targeted.

That means Redeem knows where your customer is located and gives them offers and reward relevant to where they are or where they are going.

Businesses using the Redeem platform can easily create and share offers on either your PC or Smartphone, will receive in store POS that is designed to MEET YOUR NEEDS.

Redeem makes it easy and convenient for your customers to be able to find you, contact you and Redeem your offers, via a small sticker which is no larger than a postcard, and placed near your register.

Better still once a customer “Redeems” an offer, not only do you get a notification, but they are also added to your control panel data base.

No more expensive loyalty programs that rely on powered tablets or counter stands to be used.


Our app places all its users by location on one convenient platform, in a sense, creating a digital web directory that allows browsing customers to easily find what local service, product or online store they are looking for and view offers on the one device they never leave home without – their mobile phone.


Customers can easily share your offers or incentives within the app. Redeem has built in every kind of social share you can imagine, email, SMS and more!


At only $1 a day, your business can become part of the Redeem online rewards community.

Every time a customer uses your Redeem offer, you will receive a notification in your control panel that includes their email address and phone number, so you can grow your email marketing database.

Redeem has amazing flexibility and real time adaptability. Imaging being able to change your offers to meet your immediate needs!

With Redeem you can add an offer now and within seconds it is active LIVE once you hit publish and can be taken down just as quickly if you sell out.

We put you in control of your marketing like never before and for as little as $1 a day! (A low cost of just $30 a month)

WorksLocal have combined with the power of Redeem to help local businesses drive leads and reward their customers.