Redemption of Offers, Rewards & Loyalty Card Stamps is done in these easy steps…

It’s FREE for customers to sign up:

  • Simply download the Redeem Rewards app in the App Store or Google Play.
  • Once signed into the app, select your location to view the deals near you, Redeem Rewards allows you to also explore other locations offers.
  • Browse through the categories that peak your interest or alternatively you can search for a specific store you’re looking for
  • When you find an Offer, Reward, Coupon or Loyalty Card you’d like to Redeem, simply add it to your in-app “Wallet”

For Retail Offers

  • You simply visit the store offering the reward.
  • When you arrive, go into your in- app Wallet and press the “Redeem” button on your desired Coupon or Loyalty Card.
  • A built in QR code scanner will then open automatically on your Smart Phone.
  • Simply scan the Merchants QR code that will be placed somewhere around their register.
  • You will then receive an in-app notification confirming that the Coupon or Loyalty Card has been redeemed.
  • Show the notification on your phone to the Merchant to receive the offer or reward.

For eCommerce stores

  • Select the “Learn more’ button in the app and it will take you directly to the product in their online store.

It’s a simple as that.

If you are having any difficulties, do not hesitate from asking the Merchant for assistance or contact us directly at