Redemption of Coupons & Loyalty Card Stamps is done in an easy 4 step process…

  • Users Browse Coupons & Loyalty Cards available in the App.
  • Users Save Coupons & Loyalty Cards they want to use to their in-app ‘Wallet’.
  • The user then presses ‘Redeem or Collect’ button on a Coupon or Loyalty Card. The app’s built in QR code scanner opens automatically via their smart phone’s screen and they simply scan your Merchant QR code to redeem the Coupons or Loyalty Card stamp.
  • Users then receive an in-app notification that the Coupon has been redeemed or that a Loyalty Card Stamp has been applied. Once they show the Redeem stamp on their phone to you (the merchant) they can receive your offer or reward. As the merchant your will also receive a notification.

eCommerce customer simply selects the “BUY” button in the app to be transported directly to your preferred eCommerce product page. This can be Amazon, your website, ebay, the sky’s the limit with Redeem Rewards.

Pretty cool huh?

It’s as easy as selecting the category

This can be any one of our 6o categories from:

  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Health & Beauty
  • Wellbeing and fitness
  • Clothing
  • Home Services
  • Business help
  • Web Design
  • Cars & Auto
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • and more, download the Redeem Rewards app and check it out for yourself.

Whether you are a mobile business, in a shopping centre or high street location, you can take advantage of Redeem. Don’t worry if your category is not listed, we can create it (your business can be in up to 2 categories).

First impressions are everything

When you first open a business within the chosen category you will be provided with all the information you’d need to buy from the business, even a map of where to find them.

At a glance, customers can choose to see your “Coupon Offers” or “Loyalty Card Deals” simply by clicking at the top just under the brand name. In the example above there are 2 loyalty offers.

Once a reward or offer is selected, the customer can see:

  • A photo of your offer
  • Info: What are the trading hours of the business, phone number and website (see below screenshot)
  • Map of where you are located (remember the longitude latitude from earlier) and
  • They can even call you to book a table/appointment or make an inquiry without leaving the Redeem app.
  • Sharing is easy with Redeem, you or customers can effortlessly share your offers/rewards on all social media platforms, it can be emailed and more!

Our window sticker and in store redemption stickers make it easy for customers to know that you’re a part of the Redeem community and will lookout for your rewards and offers on their mobile phones.

You can choose from a variety of sizes for both your Redeem window and in-store stickers from A6 to up to A4.

Once inside your store, the customer simply opens their “Wallet” on the Redeem app, selects their offer and presses “Redeem”. If you are a mobile business, you simply show them your Redeem QR code card for them to scan. Easy…

Customers simply go to their in-app wallet where their choices are stored, select the right one and then scan your unique Redeem QR code. Once Redeem’d, a message is sent to their phone and your control panel is updated to show the redemption.