Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for help?

If you can’t find the answer in the FAQ’s below email us at

Who do I contact if I need assistance with my offers or rewards?

Your first point of contact is your Distributor, their email address is your state followed by (ie or call us on 1300 946 227. This email address & phone number are only for you to use and should not be provided to customers.

What details can I give to customers if they need to speak to someone at Redeem Rewards?

The redeem rewards website has a contact us page for customers experiencing a problem.

I would like to run another campaign. Who do I contact?

When you signed up you would have been given access to your merchant control panel where you can upload, edit or cancel offers yourself. You can also add offers, make changes and cancel deals using the Redeem Reward merchant app available on both iTunes and Google Play app stores

There have been changes within my business. Who should I advise?

It is important to give your customers up to date with information about your business. All edits can be done using the Redeem rewards desktop dashboard and merchant app.

Changes such as:

  • Your business closes or changes ownership
  • You decide to change your categories
  • You change your website details or URL especially if you upgrade to https://
  • You wish to change locations where your offers can be seen.
  • Your trading hours, contact information need to be updated.
  • Your business is closing temporarily eg. for maintenance work
  • You no longer want to offer the promoted offer or deal.

What is a QR Code?

your merchant QR code is found in your account settings section of your desktop merchant control panel alongside your trading hours. Our set up team will be providing you with a start up kit that will include your QR code which will need to be displayed in a convenient location so customer can scan it to take advantage of your offers.

How do I view the performance of my offers?

Using our merchant control panel or our merchant app you can view customers details who have redeemed your offers. In the case of loyalty reward stamps, how many stamps they have collected for a particular offer.

What happens after my deal / offer has expired?

Once your offer has expired, the redeem rewards app will automatically delete it from the live feed so prospective customers cannot accidentally see and redeem it. You can extend or shorten the available time frame of an offer using your merchant control panel or app.

How long will my deal be available to redeem from the Redeem rewards app?

Your offer is live as soon as you publish it. It takes only a few seconds for the platform to refresh. If you are logging in, you may need to refresh the app by closing and then restarting the app, you don’t need to log out to do this.

What if a customer forgets to bring their voucher to collect your offer?

Redeem Rewards is 100% paperless, customers simply scan your merchant QR code to redeem your offer which is supplied to you on sign up and available for download in your desktop merchant control panel.

When a coupon or offer is redeemed your merchant control panel will record

  • The offer they have redeemed
  • The purchasers name
  • Their phone number and
  • Email address

How do I see how many rewards and offers have been Redeemed?

This information is available to you in your desktop and app merchant control panels.

I have lost my login / password details for the Merchant Control Panel – Help!

Simply contact your Distributor and they can reset your account or email us at

Accounts & Payments

When will my payments be made?

That’s the beauty of Redeem rewards, customers pay you directly, as we don’t share profits or collect commissions, you only pay our low month fee to be part of the Redeem Rewards local community.

How much does it cost to run a Local Redeem Rewards campaign?

It is free to run as many campaigns and offers as you like in up to 3 product categories across up to 3 territories.

Can I limit the number of offers / rewards sold?

Yes, you are in complete control at all times and can stop / start or edit offers on our mobile merchant app.

Online Bookings

When you add your website URL to business profile page, the “Buy Now” button is activated. There is no cost for customers or merchants when a customer clicks on the ‘Buy Now” button to learn more about, book a service or redeem an online offer.