With Redeem it’s so easy to add an offer, reward, deal or coupon

This can be done using the merchant control panel on your desktop or the merchant app on your smartphone and is immediately live once you hit publish.

How easy is that!

Adding an offer

To add an offer, deal, coupon or reward simply log into your merchant control panel on your phone or desktop. Your log in details will be assigned to you by the Redeem Rewards support team.


  • Give your offer a unique name i.e. – Free Sundae offer with meal purchase or buy 4 get one free, etc.
  • Make sure the correct merchant name is listed.
  • Select the suburb where you want this offer to appear, if you have multiple stores this can be a bonus as you can isolate offers by location.
  • Valid from and Valid till are important to complete as this is when your offer can be “Redeem’d”
  • Sort order is the order your offers will appear in your “shop” on the Redeem app when customers view them.
  • What are the terms of your offer, limit one per customer, no conditions, or must be over 16 years to purchase etc.
  • Description: Tell us about your offer or reward.
  • Now add a photo or upload an image of your offer. Ensure the image is 1200 x 500 pixels for optimal viewing.
  • Hit “SAVE” and your offer will go live from your “Valid from date” until your “Valid to date” or you can manually turn your off your offer using the mobile or desktop control panel anytime.

We make it easy to manage and monitor your offers

Just click on the links in the Merchant Control Panel to see how your offers are performing.


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