Redemption of Coupons & Loyalty Card Stamps is done in 7 easy steps…


  1. Download the Redeem Rewards app in the App Store or Google Play and sign up
  2. Once signed into the app, select your location to view the deals near you
  3. Browse through the categories that peak your interest or alternatively you can search for a specific store you’re looking for
  4. When you find a Coupon or Loyalty Card you’d like to Redeem, simply add it to your in-app “Wallet”
  5. You are then ready to visit the store or website offering the reward. When you arrive, go into your in- app Wallet and press the “Redeem or Collect” button on your desired Coupon or Loyalty Card. A built in QR code scanner will then open automatically on your Smart Phone.
  6. Simply scan the Merchants QR code that will be placed somewhere around their register.
  7. You will then receive an in-app notification confirming that the Coupon or Loyalty Card has been redeemed. Show the notification on your phone to the Merchant to receive the offer or reward.

If you are having any difficulties, do not hesitate from asking the Merchant for assistance or contact us directly at